Davie Furey New Single
The Rain That Falls On Palestine

Davie Furey presents his brand new song The Rain That Falls On Palestine,
recorded in October 2021 in Jam Studios. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Martin
Quinn. It is a song that reflects what the Palestinian people are experiencing at the
hands of the Israeli government.

“I was brought up listening to songs by Woody Guthrie, Luke Kelly, Tracy Chapman,
Billy Bragg, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and a whole host of other songwriters who, at
times, reflected on world events through their music. I believe that the Palestinian
people have been bullied, oppressed and abused for many years now. This song is for
those proud people of Palestine.” Davie Furey

The Mission of the State of Palestine would like to thank Davie for highlighting the
issues that are affecting the people of Palestine through his song “The Rain That Falls
On Palestine”. Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid, Ambassador of the Palestinian
Mission to Ireland