The Final Frontier

He’s a gunslinger and wants you to know it

You’re only getting one shot, so you better not blow it

He lives in the wilderness with beavers and bears

When the stars come out, he just lies there and stares

Into the emptiness silent and clear

He knows that he’s facin’ for The Final Frontier

Trouble is brewin’, the Redwoods are shakin’

The danger that comin’ is off his own makin’

Puts his ear to the ground, there’s a shiver in the clay

Whatever is comin’, is comin’ today

There’s a heavy desperation, one he can’t steer

He slowly realises it’s The Final Frontier

Coyotes are drifting away from the trees

The animals are restless, so is the breeze

Even the moon is hiding tonight

There’s a darkness in the woods, that swallows the light

There’s a feeling of dread, trepidation and fear

A feeling of what’s coming is The Final Frontier

There’s a water in the sky, its gonna come down thick

He’s not usually startled but he’s got to move quick

He’s getting confused, though his home is this land

He knows every rock and stream, like the back of his hand

Studies the distance, trying to hear

The echo booming back is The Final Frontier