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Two definitions of The Final Frontier:

“a part of a country, region, etc. that is the last to be settled, explored, or developed.

the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.”

Although this song wasn’t written with these times in mind, it is somewhat eerily apt.  During this lock down it is possible to be exploring, developing, understanding and achieving in ways we may have not thought possible in our “normal” lives.  This song, The Final Frontier, deal with new beginnings, facing fears and getting out of our comfort zones.

Like many other musicians and artists, my gigs have been cancelled (Tours of Germany, US and Irish shows) so I do appreciate your support and thank you for playing my music.  I am very aware it is a tough time for a lot of radio stations and publications too.  However, we will get through this and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Stay safe, stay healthy and mind each other.  Davie x

Fureys’ debut album ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ was very well received in audiences across the country having been showcased by RTE, BBC Radio both home and abroad, resulting in a worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music.  Nominated three years in a row by The Pure M Awards, for Best Newcomer, Best Male Artist and Best Irish Solo Act. Davie’s knack for telling a story through song and his ability to engage a crowd have resulted in many sold out shows on his previous tours.


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